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The store opens here online every Friday during the growing season and occasionally in the winter time. You have until Monday evening to put in your order for the next pickup day.



You'll get to pick from new products that come in every week and some staples. You click on "Order" at the top of the page here and pick what sparks you interest! Put in your information at checkout, and we'll receive your order to prepare. 



Farmers harvest, makers make, producers produce. Buying your items through the farmers collectives protects our producers from waste they might have at farmers markets, as they only prepare what you need. Those other veggies can stay fresh in the ground until the next harvest! 



On Thursdays from 3-6pm you come right up to our little building at the entrance of SunCreek Farms (1312 Russel Rd. in Gibsons), there's parking right there, and we'll hand you your order and sort what's due. You can pay by e-transfer (preferred), cash or cheque.

We have extra surprises to add to your order on most pickup days. Even if you didn't order this week, you're welcome to stop by and see what extras we've got outside for sale.

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1312 Russell Rd,

Gibsons, BC

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Open Thursdays 3-6pm

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