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Yogurt made from local fresh goat's milk, delicious! $7.00
Salad Mix 1/4lb  $4.00
Lettuce - Red Leaf per head $2.50
Microgreens - Pea Shoots 75g $4.00
Microgreens - Sunflower Shoots 75g $4.00
Paul's Book! 140 full colour pages. “The Ground of Our Being” is offered at below cost to our GFC customers. For yourselves. For others. $38.80
Petit Salad - micro mix nutritious micro greens: sunflower shoots, pea shoots, a blend of brassica micros and edible flowers $5.00
Potatoes - German Butter 2lb bag $7.00
Potatoes - Mixed 2lb red, purple, yukon gold $7.00
Potatoes - Russet 2lb bag $7.00
Potatoes - Fingerling 2lb bag $9.00
Potatoes - Yukon Gold 2lb $7.00
Preserves - Cajun Hot Sauce $9.00
Preserves - Jalapeno Spread 250ml $5.00
Preserves - Mexican Hot Sauce So good! $9.00
Radish - French Breakfast bunch $3.50
Saute Greens - mixed 1lb bag $5.00
Spinach 1/2lb bag $9.00
Tomatoes - Bulk Mixed 5lb $5.00
Fantastic Green Zebras Tomatoes per 1lb $50.00